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We support entrepreneurs

We create and implement targeted programs to support entrepreneurs and start-ups. We help them set up their company and shape their business plans in the right direction. We connect them with investment and business opportunities and create conditions that enable their growth in international markets.

We create an innovative ecosystem

We are the regional innovation center of the Košice Self-Governing Region and our task is to create a sustainable environment for increasing the innovation potential of our region. We connect innovative players with business and investment opportunities. We create and implement programs to support and develop innovative start-ups. 

We are the roof for innovation

We cover and support all innovative projects within the region. In addition to innovation, we focus on supporting science and research, education and technology. We connect innovation actors and identify areas of cooperation that will contribute to the goals set out in the Regional Innovation Strategy. 

Establishment of the Innovation Center of the Košice Region

The Innovation Center of the Košice Region was established on August 04, 2021 as an interest association of legal entities between the Košice Self-Governing Region, the City of Košice, Pavel Jozef Šafárik University, the Technical University in Košice and the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy. The main goal of this cooperation is to support the development of an innovation ecosystem, increase innovation potential, create sustainable conditions for the growth and development of new businesses, slow down or completely stop the brain drain and connect individual innovation actors.

Košice cluster of new industry

The project of the Košice Cluster of New Industry (CNIC) is the first significant project of the Innovation Center of the Košice Region, the aim of which is to support the creation and development of new technologies in the East Slovakian region. CNIC focuses on materials and biomedical technologies, green and digital technologies and quantum technologies. It also emphasizes social areas, including the care of an aging population and a healthy lifestyle for the working age population. ICKK actively cooperates with the CNIC and coordinates its activities so that they are in direct compliance with the Regional Innovation Strategy. In addition, the ICKK will support the commercialization of CNIC science and research results and create new partnerships that will benefit the entire region.

Our services

KSK Launch Lab

A program to support start-ups and innovative companies, which will be given the opportunity to verify their business model and the functionality of their solution on the infrastructure of the Košice Self-Governing Region and its partners.

Start-up incubator

We offer selected companies or start-ups the opportunity to take advantage of a whole range of benefits, such as premises, marketing and design services, technological laboratories. We support their business growth, connect them with partners who are essential for their success.


We create new business and investment opportunities. We connect investors with entrepreneurs and start-ups. In the future, as ICKK, we want to create a direct financial fund, which will move the business sector of our region.

Consulting support

If you are considering starting a business or have encountered any problems while doing business, our experts will help you set up your business model correctly. We will help you gain a new perspective and direction for your business for your further development.


We organize conferences, meet-ups. We create favorable conditions for cooperation with innovative communities. We connect innovative players with business and investors. We manage a digital network of innovators in the Košice region.


We provide training courses to increase business skills for high schools and universities. We organize a talent accelerator that expands the qualifications of university graduates with skills according to the needs of the business.

Regional Innovation Strategy

The Innovation Center of the Košice Region is the main output of the creation of the Regional Innovation Strategy, which is responsible for its implementation. This is the main and only document approved within the Košice Region, which guides the support of the innovation ecosystem in the Košice Region.

Rastislav Trnka

When I took up the position of bathrobe, I decided that in the east we would set up as many projects as possible that would keep the Easterners at home. This is also the Innovation Center of the Košice Region. I am extremely interested in this project, because I believe that, thanks to good cooperation between the public sector and the private and academic, we can bring hundreds of jobs to the East.

Župan of the Košice Self-Governing Region and Chairman of the ICKK Board of Directors


INNOVEAST is the first year of an international innovation and science conference that combines innovation, start-ups and creativity. At this event, we will give the opportunity to present themselves to scientists, start-ups, but also students with an interesting business idea. You can look forward to lectures, seminars with scientists, workshops, but also a small music festival, which will give a conference of this type a new dimension. The event will include matchmaking between entrepreneurs, innovation players and investors.  

When: 09 June 2022, Where: Kulturfabrik Tabačka 

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