Regional Innovation Conference a
Košice Region Innovation Awards 2023

For high school students of the Košice self-governing region

is an innovation festival in the Košice region, which is focused on the presentation of regional universities, innovations, results of science and research, and activities in the field of creativity. It connects innovative actors, high school or university students with the private sector and investment opportunities. It gives researchers or teams a chance to present the results of their work and show that it is worth living and working in the Košice Region. Large companies present the possibilities of work and employment in our region and point out that it is also possible to work in an international environment in the Košice region. The morning part is dedicated to invited secondary schools, organized under the Košice self-governing region.

Košice Region Innovation Awards 2023

The Innovation Center of the Košice Region, in cooperation with the Košice Self-governing Region and the founding partners of the association, is organizing the first annual gala evening under the name Košice Region Innovation Awards 2023, during which status awards will be given in the categories of best startup, best start-up, best scientist or scientific team and special category for the best social-innovation initiative for a selected organization or individual.

This is the first year of this type of gala evening, in which we want to highlight individuals or organizations that significantly increase the innovative potential of our region and thus contribute to improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Košice region.

Innoveast video from the first year - 2022

Who is it for?

Innoveast 2023 – is intended for high school students of the Košice self-governing region

Košice Region Innovation Awards – for representatives of regional governments, business companies, innovators, startups, startup centers, regional universities and the public interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

What will you experience at Innoveaste?

Lectures by successful entrepreneurs, local patriots and academics. You will be able to ask questions and discuss with representatives of the Košice self-governing region, the City of Košice and rectors of individual universities about the development of the Košice region. Individual presentations will show you what possibilities our regional universities offer and what you can do and experience in the Košice region.

Event partners

Registration as a spectator at the Košice Region Innovation Awards

There is a limited number of tickets available due to the fact that most of the invited participants are companies and firms that are actively involved in the development of the innovation ecosystem of the Košice region. You can also attend the Innovation Awards, just register and we will then send you an invitation to this event.