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We warmly welcome you to the gala evening of the Košice Region Innovation Awards. Thank you for finding time for this exceptional event and for deciding to support the development of innovation in the Košice Region. On this page, you can find additional information about the nominated personalities, companies or scientists who will be honored during the gala evening.

A region that lives on innovation and progress

The Košice region is an exceptional place to live. Although many of us know that we are not the best economically in various assessments, we are doing everything to catch up with the more developed part of the world as soon as possible. We all well remember the period of the covid-19 pandemic, when typical world idols such as famous football or hockey players were forgotten, but we placed our hopes in science and research. That's when we realized that many of us have forgotten how important science and research are for the further development of the world. 

Importance is also associated with exceptionality, which may not be immediately visible to the public. We have decided to organize the first year of the Košice region Innovatio Awards event, in which we would like to respectfully thank you, the exceptional personalities of business, innovation, science and research, for what you do for the Košice region. We believe that we will manage to get this information beyond the borders of Slovakia and thus help make our region visible internationally. I want to thank everyone who helped us with this event, believed in us and supported us. 

Ing. Peter Breyl – CEO of the Innovation Center of the Košice Region 

Category of the best scientist/scientific team of the Košice region

Scientific team "FOSFOC - Fractional Order Systems and Fractional Order Controllers"

The scientific team "Fractional-order systems and fractional-order controllers" (FOSFOC), which has the officially recognized status of a top scientific team, is dedicated to modeling and controlling dynamic systems and processes using derivatives and integrals of non-integer order. The scientific results of the team are internationally recognized, half of the team members are among the "Top 2%" of researchers in the world. 

More about FOSFOC team members: prof. RNDr. Igor Podlubný, DrSc., prof. Ing. Ján Terpák, CSc.doc. Ing. Tomáš Škovránek, PhD., prof. Ing. Ivo Petraš, DrSc.

Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences

Since its inception in 2017, the Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences (CIB) TIP-UPJŠ has developed into an excellent team in the field of protein science, cell biophysics and paleobiology. The scientific scope of CIB consists in the use of modern methods in the field of development of new proteins/enzymes. The interdisciplinary approach enables the CIB team to solve application-oriented projects in the field of design of therapeutic proteins and proteins intended for bio/technologies.

CIB director: doc. RNDr. Erik Sedlák, DrSc., more on this link

MVDr. Noema Gajdoš Kmecová, PhD.

She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (UVLF) in Košice and was awarded the Rector's Award for excellent academic results. As part of her postgraduate studies, she completed an internship supported by the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic at the University of Lincoln, in the United Kingdom. Currently, she works as a researcher at the UVLF Center for Applied Research, and her scientific research activity is focused on the behavior and well-being of cats. She is a member of the panel of experts on the well-being of cats of the international organization for the care of cats (International Cat Care), an expert guarantor of the UVLF Cat Care Club and the author of the first Slovak podcast about cats - Mačkast.

More about MVDr. Noema Gajdoš Kmecová, PhD. on this link.

The best startup in the Košice region


Nordics.io is a platform for B2B clients and suppliers in the IT sector that uses artificial intelligence and data to automate the vendor management system. Our main goal is to find and verify the best software development companies in Europe using a robust due diligence process and connect them with clients for project development with exactly the required expertise. 

More about Nordics.io startup here link.


The startup focuses primarily on solving problems in the design and design of orthoses and other prosthetic or rehabilitation aids. Software for predictive analysis is also an integral part of the development of orthopedic aids. The innovative design of therapeutic orthoses consists in transferring the original double-cone stabilization to reinforcing and active elements. The shape of the lumbar supports and the overall functionality of the orthosis were also optimized. At the moment, the first prototype of the trunk orthosis is designed, which meets all these requirements.

More about startup Arttege Ortho 3D on this link.


Founded by Peter Tkáč in 2020, Spinbotics is dedicated to the development and production of a modular robotics kit, built on a unique combination of proprietary hardware, software and integration, to help manufacturing SMBs increase production capacity, overcome labor shortages and relieve skilled personnel from performing simple tasks. and repetitive manual tasks.

More about startup SPINBOTICS on this link.

The best businessman of the Košice region

GymBeam sro

GymBeam is the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe focused on the sale of nutrition for sports and health, healthy foods, sportswear and accessories. Since its establishment in 2014, it has expanded to other European countries and currently operates in 15 markets. The goal of GymBeam is to bring to the market first-class quality at an affordable price and to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Therefore, he also developed other brands such as VanaVita (BIO products not only for vegans), BeasPink (for women), STRIX (for lovers of high-quality sports fashion) and XBEAM (for gamers).

More about GymBeam s.r.o. here link.

TAKTIK publishing house, sro 

TACTIC The publishing house is one of the most successful publishers of textbooks and workbooks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It currently operates in 4 European countries (SR, CR, Hungary and Romania). In addition to titles for schools TACTIC also offers a wide range of products for preschoolers (workbooks, coloring books, notebooks with stickers, etc.) under the separate YOOPY brand. The director of TAKTIK and the founder of the product brand YOOPY is Ing. Miroslav Tokarčík. 

More about the company TAKTIK vydavatelstvo, s.r.o. here link.

Fajne sro

Funka is a local food concept that has made it their mission to bring customers an experience of real taste and quality. We are looking for handicraft products from local producers, small growers, but also iconic products that have already written their story abroad and we are happy to bring them to Košice. The greatest pride and at the same time joy is our own production. You can find sourdough bread and pastries from our own bakery, or homemade cookies from our pastry shop. We prepare baguettes, salads and many other products for you daily in our kitchen. We emphasize the quality of the raw materials used, locality, we give work to a growing production team. We pack the vast majority of products in returnable or compostable packaging.

More about Fine Foods on this link.


The best socially innovative initiative of the Košice region


The goal of the organization is to provide a stable, systematic and professional network of events that help children gain financial independence and to connect people who help them in this. Education is a way to see and recognize more possibilities around you. The more we know, the more possibilities we have. That's why I dedicate my free time to trying to connect academic education with financial literacy so that every child has the opportunity to move confidently and independently.

More about KIDCham on this link.

Event partners

Innoveast organizational team

The ICKK team

Renáta Gima – ICKK project manager

Denisa Kušnírová – startup manager

Tatiana Taňkošová – junior innovation consultant

Vladislav Vavrák – junior innovation consultant