We are the bridge between your idea and business success

The Regional Innovation Center of the Košice Region is a bridge between entrepreneurs and innovations in the region. Our main responsibility is to implement the regional innovation strategy and stimulate the further development of the innovation ecosystem. We focus on talent development in secondary schools, provide special acceleration programs for startups and help small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their international business potential. In addition, we work closely with international investors, which gives us another opportunity to scale startups in our ecosystem. Our network of partners, institutions and scientific organizations provides unique advantages that make cooperation between individual innovation actors more effective. The Innovation Center is where innovations turn into new business opportunities.

The regional innovation center was founded by the Košice self-governing region, the City of Košice, the University of Pavel Jozef Šafárik, the Technical University of Košice and the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice. Our activities are based on the Regional Innovation Strategy, which was adopted by the KSK council in June 2021.
Our main ambition is to increase the regional innovation potential, reduce the number of people leaving the Košice region and support the regional innovation ecosystem.

Our team


Peter Breyl

General director

Peter has several years of experience in the creation and development of innovation ecosystems. He is the founder of several innovation centers at the regional and corporate level. His vision is to make the Košice Region a place that will achieve comparable results in the field of innovation as developed European countries.


Renata Gima

ICKK Coordinator

Renáta has significant experience in the banking sector, where she was in charge of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. She is an expert in coordination and project management. In the ICKK, he works on project management and event organization.

contact: renata.gima@ickk.sk

Denisa Kušnírová


Denisa has experience working in public administration and her great passion is innovation and startups. At ICKK, he is dedicated to the development of the startup ecosystem of the Košice region. 

contact: denisa.kusnirova@ickk.sk


Tatiana Taňkošová

Innovation Consultant

Tatiana is a student at the Technical University in Košice. As part of the ICKK, he is dedicated to startups and the creation of acceleration programs.

contact: tatiana.tankosova@ickk.sk

Vladislav Vavrák


Innovation consultant

Vlado is a student at the Technical University in Košice. As part of the ICKK, he is dedicated to the organization and support of the Founders Challenge business program. In addition, he is the coordinator of the Expat Center.

contact: vladislav.vavrak@ickk.sk